Hello Tree of Life International Friends, It’s been some time since we last had the opportunity to update you on the life impacting work which Tree of Life International (TROLI) continues to embark upon...

Some of you have been on the journey with us since our beginning, while others were inspired to join as you became aware of our existence and the projects we have undertaken. No matter when you joined in the crusade to bring health, healing, and literacy and life skills training to those considered the most vulnerable, we are grateful to have partners and friends like you who are just as committed and passionate about our work.

Although we rejoice in the progress made, we recognize the work is not finished. As a matter of fact, the projects in which TROLI are undertaking are becoming bigger and making more of an impact. We are always asking, what’s next for TROLI? You may be asking how can you continue to show solidarity through partnership and support? As you ponder on the answer to that question, take a moment to imagine a few things. Imagine that your only water source was a still stream of water used for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, and feeding animals.

Imagine that you had to walk 2 miles one way to gain access to that water source. Imagine that you are a young girl who knew there was a great possibility that you would be sexually assaulted as you fetched water, but the survival of your family depended on you. Imagine knowing that drinking the water would contribute to existing ailments, but you have no choice because there is no source of fresh water. Now imagine that you can help make this grim reality become a memory of the past for the children, mothers, fathers, and caregivers of the Eshinutsa Village in Kenya.

TROLI has had a presence in this village for over seven years supporting a feeding program, educational initiatives, a micro finance program and now the building of a well. TROLI has recently completed the research phase of the Eshinutsa Well Building Project and is now applying for the permits to begin construction.

Due to the urgent need, TROLI would like to get this project underway no later than September 2019. The TROLI USA team will be joining the TROLI Kenya team on-site in October for a Dedication Ceremony, placing the well into commission for full use by the village. There is a small window of time to respond to this need and we can only imagine that our friends and partners will contribute by way of a tax-deductible donation to make this project a success.


Visit www.hopeoftroli.org to make your contribution today!


-Cookie James, TROLI Founder & Executive Director